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Welcome to IntelliCasa, solution specialist in Home Automation installations & Smart Home systems - specialising in bespoke design, supply and installation of residential systems for discerning private clients. We operate within the Greater London area undertaking projects in prime locations since 2006. A client focus approach has allowed us to grow into an organisation looking after multiple worldwide assets, ranging from homes & businesses in London, Ibiza, Monaco & Barcelona in recent years.


IntelliCasa prides itself to be the Home Automation installation specialist that thrives to deliver the ultimate solution tailored to the client's needs. Custom Smart Home solutions using market leading integration and control products delivered with a first class client focus.


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Smart Home
Audio Visual
Lighting & Blinds


A single application, allow you to control all integrated aspects of your property, even remotely. Need not to worry if you forgot to switch something off. 


A system completed well by professional can be life enhancing. We embrace technology to bring you modern day comfort. 

Increase In Value

Your investment in a Smart Home system increases your property's value.

Energy Efficient 

Monitor and reduce energy consumptions to bring you savings stress free. 


A bespoke custom solution for you, installed by professional with a guarantee for your peace of mind. 


Core Service

Target private clients who wish to explore the possibilities in an automated home. We design and implement a turnkey solution specific to their needs. Our solutions cater small installation from 1 bedroom apartments to large residential estates.

Maintenance & Repair Service

We offer after sales maintenance & repair contracts for all our installations, for your peace of mind.This service is also offered to customers who possess a system completed by other installers. For instance, an existing Crestron or Lutron system which requires programing or software updates.

Mechanical & Electrical service

Specialist in designing electrical and energy saving solutions for the domestic new build and full refurbishment projects, IntelliCasa has a dedicated team to carry out the installations. For your peace of mind, all installations come with NICEIC Electrical and Smoke Detectors certificates with 10 years warranty.


We also provide professional consulting services, where custom features require additional development or engineering expertise. This is typically offered to projects with a larger scope as well as technical consulting service for architects, property developers, interior designers, electrical and building contractors on property development projects.


Our system designs provide the ability to integrate with various security products, Building Management Systems (BMS), and HVAC system. We are NICEIC approved electrical installer, our team are proud to ensure that your property conforms to the latest UK & European standards.


*Our Crestron installations are certified by Crestron with 5 years warranty (subjected to terms and conditions).



Talk to us about the project you have in mind. Whether it is a 1 bedroom apartment to a countryside villa, planning promotes success so it is never too early to start a discussion.






“A small showcase of recent projects completed by us in various locations. Each project is unique and demonstrates the quality of finishes and standards we deliver” 


“Talk to us about your project. We are here to provide advice and help you bring your project to reality” 



40 Avonmore Road, London, W14 8RS

+44 (0) 20 7205 2536

Open Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm

Please provide us your contact detail using the message box provided below. ​Our customer service team is committed to providing our clients with the best support experience. We aim to respond your inquiry within 48 hours, thank you.



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40 Avonmore Rd, London

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 +44 (0) 20 7205 2536


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