Maintenance & Support

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Planned Preventive Maintenance

Planned Preventive Maintenance allows to substantially reduce reactive maintenance and retain the equipment and assets in the desired or needed quality. It aims to prevent the breakdown or failure of equipment before it actually occurs and ensure the smooth operation of the client’s system.

Corrective or Reactive Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is carried out after failure detection and is aimed at restoring an asset to an appropriate condition, whilst reactive maintenance is performed after a breakdown so an asset can perform its intended function.

Why My system needs Maintenance support?

  • Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs are reduced

  • Enhances the efficiency of equipment keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses.

  • Customer pays less in the longterm and can organize his budget since there is a fixed cost for planned maintenance and discounted fixed for corrective maintenance. Emergency calls vary significantly in cost and cannot be foreseen.

  • Customers under maintenance contract are prioritized in callout services in comparison to other calls and treated accordingly. Enhances customer (internal or external) service because maintenance teams have less unplanned maintenance and can respond quicker to new problems. 

  • The customer has a service log of his equipment that is easy to pass on other maintenance contractors if he changes supplier. Also, the maintenance contractor is aware of all maintenance that has been done in the past and it is easier, faster and more economical to do the job without charging overtime to find the problem.

  • There is a commitment to the customer that safeguards his investment. Loyal customers are rewarded.

  • Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment

  • Reduced overtime costs and more economical use of maintenance workers due to working on a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to repair breakdowns

  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs

  • Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone