McDonald's 291 Oxford Street, London

Intellicasa were proud to work for McDonald’s flagship restaurant in the heart of Central London, upgrading, monitoring and integrating their smart technology solutions for one of the busiest fast-food restaurants in Europe.

Intellicasa installed Dallmeier CCTV Camera systems in the restaurant, whilst being mindful of the delicate decor required for the flagship store. Smart covert cameras have been used in the ceiling to complement the layout and colours and blend in whilst being discrete. The cameras benefit from 4-megapixel resolution and 360-degree coverage showing the entire floor. In addition to this a sophisticated design has been implemented to allow the managers to monitor the operations in the kitchen; for that 8-megapixel cameras have been used to allow a higher resolution and keep the manager and the employees on track. This allows the restaurant to deliver food on time from floor to floor, without the need of the managers to be running between sites to monitor quality and progress.