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Will AI revolutionise the Building Services in the Future?

A recent article from Mistsubishi is highlighting if AI will be a threat for HVAC jobs in the future.


The article concluded that although AI will replace the majority of human interactions within the HVAC industry, it is unlikely to do it in full scale. This is probably true since AI will not be able to fix problems that require creative thinking and agility. As the article states:

Engineers are often required to think on their feet, make fast decisions, and provide quick solutions and fixes, all of which currently cannot be adequately performed by AI.”

However, AI will have a significant impact on the Building Services in the future and especially on Building control. The traditional thermostats are already being replaced by smart thermostats like ‘’Nest thermostats’’ in the residential sector that use learning features to help keep you comfortable and save energy. Also, AI and machine learning is already implemented as a case study in building management systems for identifying patterns in the building’s operations to adjust automatically in new conditions without human interaction.

Moreover, a vast amount of data is created from the Building Management Systems, by recording any machine failures or warnings from integrated maintenance software that serve as an input to Machine Learning and AI algorithms for prioritizing preventative maintenance.

In a nutshell, AI is the process where large amount of data is fed to a system that uses machine learning algorithms in order to recognise patterns and accomplish specific tasks.

Imagine that these machines can work continuously and probably be more accurate than humans themselves. This will probably raise questions in the future about how more efficient machines will be in monetary terms and productivity than humans. Recent studies from Oxford University and Deloitte state that approximately 35% of jobs in the UK are at high risk of being taken by machines over the next two decades.

In the case of Building Automation this already happened in the past by replacing building technicians with building control systems that performed the same tasks, more accurately and more efficiently than humans did in a building, like activate the boiler, the water pumps etc. for the building to operate.

At the end of the day, AI is not something new as a notion for control systems except the mathematical approach that they deploy, since building control systems receive data from sensors and by using control algorithms such as PID, control assigned outputs to accomplish specific tasks.

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