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IntelliCasa continues its CSR initiatives and commitment to Academia.

As part of IntelliCasa’s CSR commitments, we regularly take on interns from colleges and universities all over Europe for students to gain professional experience in the electrical and mechanical engineering and computer science fields and get the chance to live abroad and experience the London way of life.

Our most recent addition was Pietro Pegoraro, an Italian student on his way to becoming a mechanical engineer. Pietro spent 5 weeks with IntelliCasa and before he left, our COO, Konstantinos Karagiannis took some time to sit down with Pietro and get some feedback on his experience with the company and how we can improve our internship programs.

+ Tell us a few things about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying and any relevant professional experience?

- I’m from the north of Italy. At the moment, I’m studying mechanics at school, and this is my second professional experience, I completed another internship last year.

+ What was the reason to do a summer internship in London?

- The reason to do a summer internship in London was that I won a scholarship.

+ How long was your internship with IntelliCasa and what are the lessons learned during this period?

- The internship lasted one month. I have learnt how to communicate better with clients and colleagues on a professional level. I have been involved in drawing electrical elements like amplifiers, processors and lighting panels and now I comprehend their use and configuration in terms of Home Automation.

+ Before you come here what did you know about Home Automation and what do you think you have learned through your internship about the subject?

- Before I came to IntelliCasa I knew only that I could switch the lights on and off only with a button press. Now I know that I can also raise up and down the brightness of the lights, I can open and close blinds and curtains with electrical controls, I can control the temperature all around the house and change it only in specific rooms if I want. Now I know that multiple televisions can show the same programs with multi-room AV switching. I also learned that with a touch panel and even with my voice I can control many systems of the house to live comfortably.

+ What did you find most intriguing during your stay with the company?

- The fact I found most intriguing was the non-default schedule. The versatility of the work place and how we took on many different tasks every day.

+ What did you find less appealing during your stay with the company?

- I would have liked to get more involved with the programming of the systems and gain some knowledge about the programming software used at IntelliCasa, but unfortunately my time was limited.

+ How can you relate your studies with what you learned at IntelliCasa?

- Electrics are something I study at school. Also the use of drawing and design software with which I have improved my skills a lot over the last month. I also got the chance to observe the water systems in various houses for heating and cooling purposes and related these systems to the theory I’ve learned at school.

+ How was your collaboration with the other team members at IntelliCasa?

- I think that the collaboration with the other team members was good and productive. I didn’t have too much time to get to know them better, but during the little time that I did spend with them, the work dynamic and atmosphere was great.

+ What are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

- My immediate career goals are to graduate at University in the right time with satisfying marks and eventually find a job I like and where I can work my way up to a respectable position.

+ Overall, would you say it has been a good experience your summer internship at IntelliCasa and would you recommend it to other students of your school?

- The summer internship with IntelliCasa has definitely been a good experience and I think that I would recommend it to other students of my school, though it should be longer.

Finally, we’d like to thank Pietro for his hard work and dedication during the past 5 weeks with IntelliCasa. We will continue to work hand in hand with academia to make these experiences possible for all bright, young students looking to make a name for themselves in the engineering world.

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