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Internship Experience of a French Engineering Student at IntelliCasa

Due to IntelliCasa’s collaboration in the past years with the University of Savoie, in Mont Blanc, IntelliCasa directors often attend the university to give lectures and talks about Home Automation industry topics to the Electrical & Electronic engineering and Computer Science departments. In IntelliCasa’s last visit, they offered the students a unique internship program for a select number of students to gain professional experience and get the chance to experience life in the city of London.

One of the selected interns, Alisan Ockatan, a future electronic engineer, has just finished his 10 week internship with IntelliCasa and before he left, our Junior Operations Manager, Billy Toft, spent some time with Alisan to find out more about his experience with the company.

+ Tell us a few things about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying and any relevant professional experience?

- I come from Annecy and I am studying Computer Science and Automation at the University of Savoie, in Mont Blanc. I have previously had summer jobs, working in factories in my home town, but this is my first professional experience in the Computer Science field.

+ What was the reason to do a summer internship in London?

- The main reason for me was to improve my English. I was curious to see how is the life in bigger city and also have a good cultural experience.

+ How long was your internship with IntelliCasa and what are the lessons learned during this period?

- The duration of my internship was 10 weeks. I learned about all the automation devices that Intellicasa use and how to program them. I was also involved in creating a user friendly interface on the touch panel that controls the Home Automation system and I saw how as an engineer I should manage a team and also have a personal touch with the client.

+ Before you come here what did you know about Home Automation and what do you think you have learned through your internship about the subject?

- I believed that everything is possible depending on our imagination, but it's a little bit more complicated than I thought, because of many things like compatibility, reliability and the sustainability of all devices that we used. As an engineer, those are problems that I will face throughout my career and I will have to solve.

+ What did you find most intriguing during your stay with the company?

- The thing I found most intriguing was the work dynamic. It was very easy to communicate with all the team of Intellicasa and the environment was very relaxed even though everyone was hard at work.

+ What did you find less appealing during your stay with the company?

- Coming from a technical background, the less appealing aspects of my internship was some of the manual work I got involved in. Sometimes you have to get hands on to complete the job and as an intern, they asked me for help in these matters every now and again.

+ How can you relate your studies with what you learned at IntelliCasa?

- I had already done something similar in programming an automation system for car purposes in my studies but with less equipment so it was really a nice experience for me to do it in real life situation.

+ How was your collaboration with the other team members at IntelliCasa?

- I learned a lot thanks to all the team members of Intellicasa, I observed them frequently when they were at work and asked them questions every time I wasn’t sure about something they were doing, so it helped me a lot. They gave me some exercises to do like creating a graphic interface or programming a smart lighting control system and then they evaluated my work. I was following them at work and giving them assistance wherever they needed it.

+ What are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

- It’s a very hard question. Even though I really liked what I did at Intellicasa in the automation field, I don’t really have a preferred domain because there is still a lot that I want to experiment with, in order to know which one is better for me.

+ Overall, would you say it has been a good experience your summer internship at IntelliCasa and would you recommend it to other students of your school?

- It was a very good internship and I had a nice time in London even if it was a short internship of 10 weeks, I learned a lot more than I expected and I will recommend it to my classmates in the future.

Finally, we’d like to thank Alisan for his hard work and dedication during the past 10 weeks with IntelliCasa. We will continue to work hand in hand with academia as part of our CSR commitments and to give students the opportunity to prove that the teachings in the classroom can relate directly to what goes on in the day-to-day operations in the workplace.

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