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Jerome Noerie shares his student internship experience at IntelliCasa

The IntelliCasa Summer Internship programme has ended with great success for 2018 and Jerome Noerie, a French engineering student from the Polytech Annecy Chambery at University of Savoy, takes some time to share with us his internship experience with IntelliCasa. Jerome was the first student selected for the Summer Internship programme and completed the longest internship so far with us that started from April 2018 until September 2018.

We would like to thank Jerome for his effort and the commitment his showed during his internship and wish him a very bright future! Jerome acquired analytical skills by analysing and solving problems related to smart home projects in the design and installation phase and also applied the knowledge he gained from the training in real situations regarding on site projects. His internship was concluded by submitting an internship report and presenting his work to a committee consisted of his supervisors in the University and the COO of Intellicasa.

+Tell us a few things about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying and any relevant professional experience?

-I am from Annecy and I studied Computer science and Automation at Polytech Annecy Chambery. I had a previous experience in computer science field with an internship in machine learning.

+What was the reason to do a summer internship in London?

-The main reason for choosing an internship was to discover a new culture, a new country and life in such a big city, as well as improving my English.

+ What motivated you to apply for an internship at IntelliCasa?

-The presentation that Intellicasa realised at Polytech made me want to discover home automation in the professional field in a London based company.

+How long was your internship with IntelliCasa and what are the lessons learned during this period?

-This internship lasted 20 weeks and I learnt about the home automation domain, the equipment and systems available, their installation and programming. In addition, I observed the links between the engineer, the team, and the client.

+Before you come here what did you know about Home Automation and what do you think you have learned through your internship about the subject?

-Before this internship I had little knowledge about home automation but I knew it was an oncoming omnipresent field for the future. Now, I have learned that for a bespoke and sustainable system, time and price to spend are still very high. An engineer faces challenges for creating a reliable and sustainable solution.

+ What did you find most intriguing during your stay with the company?

-The most intriguing thing was to discover the huge amount of different equipment from one or more manufacturer(s) installed together. Each house is unique, and for the network of equipment to be operational, every work needs an important fine-tuning as well as a time consuming solving of small details and issues. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and adaptability to carry out each project.

+What did you find less appealing during your stay with the company?

-The less appealing moments were the manual work required sometimes during the stay. Being repetitive and tiring, but of course part of each job, it is not something I am interested in, as being part of an engineer degree I am aiming at problem solving tasks and innovation.

+How can you relate your studies with what you learned at IntelliCasa?

-During my studies, I had carried out related work by interconnecting objects such as sensors and studied network architecture. However, the problems and situations encountered at Intellicasa were at a different level than the ones in school.

+How was your collaboration with the other team members at IntelliCasa?

-The collaboration was very instructive, I was following and helping the team, and by observing and asking questions I was able to learn a lot in the home automation field. Each time I had a question or needed to be sure of something they were here to advise me. I was also able to practice programming and receive feedback from them.

+What are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

-This experience at Intellicasa was valuable and enriching, I want to keep myself updated in home automation possibilities and innovations. However, in the following years, I wish to switch to the machine learning field, an area that suits me better and in which I had a previous experience that I enjoyed more.

+Overall, would you say it has been a good experience your summer internship at IntelliCasa and would you recommend it to other students of your school?

-This internship was a very good experience, I learned a lot and obtained a wide outlook in home automation. Apart from the job part, London is a very active city that has a lot to offer. I would recommend an internship in Intellicasa.

+Do you believe there is anything that we can improve in the future regarding the company and the student internship experience?

-In my opinion, the company already shows the necessary things to the students and allow them to obtain a knowledge in designing, equipment, manufacturer, installation, graphical interfaces, programming. However, a project is required by the school, maybe the student and the tutor could think together after the discovery phase about the goal, the conditions and the limits of the realization to set before starting it.


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