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Updated: May 21, 2021

Have you ever dreamt of being in a fairytale and be “King of the castle”? Certainly, you’ve watched “Escape to the Chateau” on Channel 4. But what about bringing this historic building to the 21st Century? IntelliCasa can make your dreams come true by helping you upgrade your period property and add intelligence, comfort and peace of mind to address the luxury these buildings are designed to serve.

IntelliCasa recently completed the first phase of a renovation project regarding the network upgrade of a 12th Century Chateau in Southern France. The client asked for a wireless network system that will assist him to operate his business remotely when needed, watch his favourite shows on-demand and allow guests in any part of the estate to have full internet access with zero downtime and no service interruptions. Since this is a historic building and any intervention can distort the building's aesthetics or operations, IntelliCasa’s design team meticulously prepared a project plan for tackling these issues and assure high customer satisfaction.

Instead of running cables through this old establishment where electrical drawings and existing infrastructure are obsolete, IntelliCasa took advantage of the current technology and proposed a wireless network system with full internet coverage in all areas without disturbing the aesthetics of the building, a goal that was of paramount importance to the client. The walls' thickness and floors layout played a major role in blocking the network coverage. After studying the floor plans accurately at IntelliCasa offices in London, the team came up with a design to fit the old structures and created a mesh of network access points throughout the floors and halls of the chateau. The mesh interlinked the various WiFi access points spread over 20,000 sq ft amongst the various towers and buildings in the chateau.

The wifi coverage was calculated precisely in order for the access points to not interfere with one another and avoid creating any congestion in the network, while the network topology followed offers an unparalleled user experience throughout the entire structure. The system is accompanied by a dual WAN router allowing for two internet connections simultaneously to two different ISPs with load balancing feature, allowing the owners to enjoy greater and more reliable internet service, by one of the two connections acting as a backup should the primary connection fails. Added to this, a performance monitoring system installed ensures that the wireless network system is working efficiently, whilst alerts the owner and IntelliCasa in case of any failure or malfunction.

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