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Innovative AI smart control solution at one of Crouch End's most luxurious Residencies!

Spread out over 3 floors, 8 rooms with additional features such as a SPA Room and a winter garden conservatory, this unique house with marble floors and sparkling chandeliers, is the essence of elegance. IntelliCasa therefore, suggested Crestron's technology solution that would perfectly suit the tasteful interior design, cleverly incorporating all aspects of a totally Integrated Home.

The owners wanted automation to be present and accessible throughout the space but not the focal point of the rooms. The sleek and sophisticated Crestron system effortlessly combines a myriad of sub-systems, providing the family with the ultimate in easy to use lifestyle technology. Moreover, it means that the beautiful interior design of the property is freed from all the unsightly electronics that they would have had without the Crestron touch panels.

Several rooms support the most advanced automatic motorised Crestron curtains-track system designed by IntelliCasa for the bay windows. This sophisticated system also benefits from 8 audiovisual zones, including a SPA room with a Crestron marine waterproof 4K TV, so that the clients can watch their favourite tv programs while enjoying their time at the spa.

Integrated HVAC is switched automatically by the Home Automation System, adjusting accordingly depending on the outside temperature. The 8 AC units have been integrated into the Crestron system, allowing the user to switch them on & off remotely by introducing remote access by our latest easy to use application developed by our team.

This uniquely developed application offers the client the option to control the system automatically with the capability to mimic & record the user behaviour. The clients, therefore, have the opportunity to activate the AI automatic control, to turn electric appliances on/off depending on the geolocation of the client. All the above would be done autonomously with the purpose of comfort and energy-saving objectives.

The owner of the house Mr. Andrew French, has shared with us his experience working with IntelliCasa.

-How the Smart Home system installed in your property changed your everyday life?

“Key changes have been the automation of lighting and blinds/curtains, which have had a significant positive effect on the enjoyment of living in a large house. Other important features include CCTV (& remote access), and additional exterior alarms, which give us a lot more comfort regarding the security of the property. The remote access of heating and air-con is also very useful, and the ability to watch both SKY, and other systems in any room is great.”

-Has the system in your opinion added value to your property and your everyday life?

Definitely- the automation of many features has simplified our lives and allows us to enjoy the property far more than when we first moved in.”

-Which control elements do you make the most use of and which you like the best?

“The lighting and shading are now an integral part of the house – it is difficult to imagine how manual a process it was every day, and the security features mean we sleep comfortably at night without worry.”

-Why did you choose IntelliCasa over other competitors and how was your experience with us?

“IntelliCasa was recommended to us via a friend (interior designer) - we were impressed with the bespoke service, and the commitment to go the extra mile to solve any problem, and the continued service and refinement of the Crestron system.”

IntelliCasa has successfully overcome the challenges involved with integrating the very latest technology in an architecturally sensitive setting – and nestling among the unique design features.

This residence is an excellent example of a sophisticated, behind-the-scenes system: almost everything that can be controlled is controlled, but it’s not obvious, rather it blends exquisitely with the style of the house.

The IntelliCasa team would like to thank Mr.Andrew French and his family for giving us the opportunity to improve their everyday life through our services and for helping us to materialise his idea of the smart home.

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