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Orbital Solutions Case Study: Project Arkley by Intellicasa

High end comfort joins state-of-the-art home automation system

A prestigious and modern North London property is now benefiting from Wi-Fi controllable air conditioning that links to a state-of-the-art automated home system to provide cost effective and energy efficient comfort all year round.

Orbital Climate Solutions, which installs bespoke air conditioning and ventilation systems across London and the South of England, worked closely with the home automation specialists IntelliCasa, to deliver a first-class climate control system that provides discrete comfort for the homeowner whilst matching the high end refurbishment of the 5-bedroom home. Award winning IntelliCasa specialises in home automation systems for discerning private clients and has a mission to allow customers to take advantage of the most cutting edge technology today. “It was essential that we delivered an air conditioning system that was compatible with the sophisticated automation system IntelliCasa were installing”, explained Brett Strivens, Managing Director at Orbital. “We listened to what the client wanted and our design team looked at all the different manufacturers to find the best solution. “The M Series from Mitsubishi Electric proved perfect because it would deliver the right climate to the environment and offered the option of the MELCloud Wi-Fi controller which we were able to integrate into the Intellicasa control system”. Orbital installed the M Series outdoor unit on the roof and used ducted indoor units behind discrete plastered-in grills to deliver air conditioning to the property. The Orbital team had to stick closely to the overall refurbishment schedule, whilst working closely around the other construction specialists on site as the refurbishment of the home was taking place. A close relationship with both the IntelliCasa team and controls specialists at Mitsubishi Electric helped ensure that the integration of the air conditioning into the home automation system went smoothly. “The homeowner was looking for first class climate control without affecting the aesthetic look of the high end finish throughout the property and the fact that we were able to use MELCloud to make the air conditioning work seamlessly with the rest of the hi-tech equipment really made the difference”, explained Brett Strivens.

This stylish, hi-tech home now has state-of-the-art climate control to provide discrete comfort for the homeowner. The MELCloud Wi-Fi enabled controller offers control from anywhere.

The air conditioning is integrated seamlessly into the IntelliCasa home automation system.

Ducted vents offer the right levels of comfort throughout the home. THE AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS CALL:0800 246 1615 Further details on the cost effective climate solutions available from Orbital, visit the dedicated website: http://orbitalclimate.co.uk. Find out more about intelligent home solutions from http://www.intellicasa.co.uk#apple #automation #London #granddesign #smartliving #integrator #homeautomation #highend #Property

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